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Early Christmas

2010-11-14 20:12:01 by nonamepossible

Earlier than expected, here's my latest song: SHARPEDO BLUFF.

Can't tell you how long I've been working on this song. Maybe now that it's finished it won't be stuck in my head anymore. Anyway, go listen to it. Guarantee it's the best thing you'll hear all day.

Early Christmas


2010-11-14 16:57:04 by nonamepossible

New song coming this week...


The Return

2010-07-30 20:28:51 by nonamepossible

Here it is, the long awaited Brobot / Mr. L remix!



The Return


2010-05-02 22:49:59 by nonamepossible

No, I'm not dead. I'm just...sleepy. Anyways, here's what I've been working on while you weren't looking.

- Unfinished Songs

- Super Paper Mario - Brobot Battle

- Half-Life 2 - Suit Song

- A completely original song (I'm kind of going for a feeling like this song)

Once I finish those I plan on returning to my roots and remixing some Spyro the Dragon songs. One idea I had would be to remix all of the "Flight" songs and release them in sort of a series. But who knows how far in the future that is.

Oh, I almost forgot. Silly me. I just released a quick remix/loop of the song from Spyro the Dragon: Artisan Home. It's not much, and i might come back to it later, but for now please enjoy ARTISANS


Spyro Music

2010-02-25 22:59:10 by nonamepossible

Since the last time I posted, I've uploaded a couple more songs into the audio portal. Some Spyro, some not. Be sure to listen if you're a fan of any one of the following:

-Spyro music
-Good music
-Good Spyro music
-good-looking Spyro music makers

P.S. Credit goes to Eirun for the awesome background of the banner. Check out the full picture RIGHT HERE.

First music

2009-12-21 23:27:53 by nonamepossible

I recently submitted two songs to the audio portal, so anyone that sees this page is welcome to listen, vote on and review them! /297590

This first one was really just me learning the ropes in FL Studio. It's got some nice guitar riffs and syncopated rhythms. /297893

This one is sort of a remix/tribute type thing of the Track High Caves from the game Spyro the Dragon. While it has the same melody from the original, I played with it enough so that it sounds like much more than background music. Enjoy!